Full-featured managed WordPress instance included

Staatic provides managed WordPress instances with every site.

Private staging environment

Use your WordPress installation as a private staging environment and make all of the modifications you need. Then publish these changes to your highly optimized and consumer facing static site with the click of a button.

Always accessible

Your dynamic WordPress instance will be hosted on our highly available platform and is always directly accessible using a private URL secured with access control.

Fully customizable

Our platform does not enforce a specific WordPress version on your managed WordPress instance, nor does it prevent modifications to WordPress (core) files, giving you full flexibility to run your dynamic WordPress how you want.

Secure SFTP server

Direct access to all of your instance’s files is possible through a secure SFTP server, allowing you to upload or download plugins, themes or uploads in bulk at lightning speed without sacrificing security.

Automatic backups

Automatic backups are included with every managed WordPress instance and can be restored to, or even downloaded as a .zip file, whenever you need.

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