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Staatic is packed with features to make managing your static WordPress site a breeze.

One-click publishing

Use your WordPress installation as a private staging environment and make all of the modifications you need. Then publish these changes to your highly optimized and consumer facing static site with the click of a button.

Beautiful search widget

Staatic will make all of your site’s content searchable by replacing the built-in search box with a beautiful search widget. Results come up as the user types, highlighting the matching terms.

Read more about search integration

Form handling

Form submissions are automatically captured by Staatic and visible directly within WordPress Admin. Additionally you can configure form submissions to be sent by email or trigger webhooks.

Read more about form handling

Detailed insights

Monitor the status of your publications while they’re happening and review details of past publications to easily troubleshoot any issues.

Managed WordPress instance

Staatic provisions a managed WordPress instance for all of your sites, allowing you to get started in seconds.

Every instance is hosted on our highly available and secure platform and directly accessible using a private and secured URL.

Read more about managed WordPress instances

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One-click publishing

Use your WordPress installation as a private staging environment and publish all modifications with the click of a button.

Forms integration *

No need to look for external form handling solutions, it’s all integrated.

Search integration *

We keep all of your posts and pages indexed and provide a great search widget that integrates neatly.

Managed WordPress instance *

Your dynamic WordPress instance will be hosted on our highly available platform.

Redirect support

Redirected URLs will keep working on the static version of your site.

Quick publications *

Publish only the changes you make, improving publication speed greatly.

Scheduled publications *

Automatically publish your WordPress site based on a predefined schedule or event.

XML sitemaps

XML sitemaps are recognized and transformed accordingly without any issues.

Custom 404 page

Display your own 404 page when visitors access missing pages.

Additional URLs

Add custom URLs and/or redirects which are not referenced on your WordPress site to your static site.

WordPress MultiSite

Staatic is fully compatible with WordPress MultiSite installations.

Extensive API *

When the built-in features are not enough, you are free to build upon our extensive API.


All provided functionality comes with clear documentation to help you every step of the way.


Staatic is compatible with WordPress 5.0 or newer and PHP 7.0 or newer allowing even legacy sites to be easily optimized.

Ease of use

One of the primary goals of Staatic is to not get in your way, but just work, under all circumstances.

* Functionality part of Staatic Premium Edition.

Deploy anywhere

Staatic gives you the freedom to publish your site wherever you want.

Staatic Cloud
Choose Staatic Cloud, which provides maximum performance and requires no setup.
Self Hosted
Publish your static site to the same server hosting your WordPress instance.
Amazon S3 + CloudFront
Choose Amazon S3 combined with Amazon CloudFront for performance and flexibility.
Prefer the simplicity or additional features provided by Netlify, no problem either.

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