Blazing fast and bulletproof WordPress

Staatic is a platform to create an extremely fast and highly secure static version of your WordPress site without effort.

Blazing fast

Use your WordPress installation as a private staging environment and make all of the modifications you need. Then publish these changes to your highly optimized and consumer facing static site with the click of a button.

Need proof? Check out our Google PageSpeed score.


Having a static version of your site reduces the attack surface greatly. Worry less about updating WordPress, plug-ins or your server software since these components are no longer involved.

Dynamic parts of your site like forms and search that could be vulnerable are handled by our secure platform and don’t require any of your attention.

Always available

How many times have you seen something going viral, causing so much traffic to a site that it goes down at the moment it really matters? With Staatic this is a thing of the past.

Since every page is pre-rendered, you can handle serious traffic spikes with ease.

Full WordPress experience

Build and maintain your sites using the platform you are most familiar with. Staatic integrates perfectly with WordPress.

Once set up you can continue where you left off and benefit from everything Staatic provides.

How it works

This is what gives Staatic super powers.

With a regular WordPress site, when someone visits a page, WordPress is “started” fresh. Based on the URL, it retrieves the relevant content from the database. This information is then passed through to the theme, while calling an enormous amount of “hooks” from plugins and WordPress itself, generating the actual HTML. Finally the result is passed on to the visitor’s browser.

This all happens every time a page is visited.

Staatic takes a different approach and scans all of your site’s content, only once. The result of every page is stored as a static file. All of these files combined result in a static site.

When a visitor now visits any page it can simply be passed on to the visitor without any involvement of WordPress or plugins. This decreases latency enormously and due to the fact that server-side parts are eliminated almost completely removes the attack surface.

Everything you need to make it work!

Staatic is packed with features to make managing your static WordPress site a breeze.

Quick publications

Publish only the changes you make, improving publication speed greatly.

Forms integration

No need to look for external form handling solutions, it’s all integrated.

Search integration

We keep all of your posts and pages indexed and provide a great search widget that integrates neatly.

Redirect support

Redirected URLs will keep working on the static version of your site.

Ease of use

One of the primary goals of Staatic is to not get in your way, but just work, under all circumstances.

Make your site blazing fast and bulletproof today!

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What makes Staatic unique

Staatic isn’t just any static site generator - Staatic is much more.

WordPress, on Steroids

Keep using WordPress the way you’re used to, while benefiting from all of the performance and security advantages of static sites. Our platform makes managing static sites a breeze!


We know managing static sites can be hard, especially when it comes to dynamic components. That's why we provide integrated solutions for forms and search out of the box.

You’re in Control

We won’t force you to migrate everything to us; instead we give you the freedom to host your static site on our scalable platform, with any of the supported providers or even by yourself.

Deploy anywhere

Staatic gives you the freedom to publish your site wherever you want.

Staatic Cloud

Self Hosted

Publish your static site to the same server hosting your WordPress instance.

Amazon S3 + CloudFront

Choose Amazon S3 combined with Amazon CloudFront for performance and flexibility.


Prefer the simplicity or additional features provided by Netlify, no problem either.

Make your site blazing fast and bulletproof today!

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