Highly available, maximum performance WordPress hosting

Staatic Cloud provides high performance WordPress hosting with global coverage, allowing you to stay focused on publishing great content.

Premium WordPress hosting

Staatic Cloud provides you with a secure managed WordPress instance, as well as a globally distributed, high performance cloud infrastructure to host your optimized static site.

Import your site, publish, and experience blazing fast response times with Fort Knox-level security.

Private staging environment

Use your managed WordPress installation as a private staging environment and make all of the modifications you need. Then publish these changes to your highly optimized and consumer facing static site with the click of a button.

Maximum performance

Host your WordPress site on our high performance, globally distributed cloud platform, optimized specifically for static sites.

No matter where your visitors are coming from, with our global content distribution network (CDN) your site will be blazing fast, everywhere!

Fully customizable

Our platform does not enforce a specific WordPress or PHP version on your managed WordPress instance, nor does it prevent modifications to WordPress (core) files, giving you full flexibility to customize your dynamic WordPress however you need.

Secure SFTP server

Direct access to all of your instance’s files is possible through a secure SFTP server, allowing you to upload or download plugins, themes or uploads in bulk at lightning speed, without sacrificing security.

Automatic backups

Automatic backups are included with every managed WordPress instance and can be restored to, or even downloaded as a .zip file, whenever you need. Additionally, manual backups can be created at any time.

Make your site blazing fast and bulletproof today!

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Global Content Delivery Network

Staatic Cloud utilizes Amazon CloudFront as its Content Delivery Network (CDN) with over 410+ Points of Presence in 90+ cities across 47 countries. This results in the highest possible performance from any location in the world!

CloudFront locations

Staatic Cloud Features

Distributed global CDN

Your WordPress site is hosted on our (AWS powered) global content delivery network for optimal performance from any location.

IPv6 Support

IPv6 addressing is supported on every site hosted by Staatic and increases your site’s performance even further.

Free SSL certificates

Both your dynamic WordPress instance as well as your consumer facing static site are secured with free SSL certificates.

Preview Environment

In addition to your primary (static) site, Staatic provides an additional preview site in order to work on, and test changes without risk.

Automatic WordPress installation

Staatic automatically installs the latest version of WordPress, preconfigured with the Staatic plugin to get started immediately.

Scheduled site backups

Backups of your WordPress site are created automatically and can be downloaded or restored to at any time.

Secure and Eco-Friendly

To further strengthen security, your WordPress instance is powered off when not used, reducing carbon emissions at the same time.

SFTP access

Direct and secure access to all of your instance’s files for batch uploads/downloads using your preferred SFTP client.


PhpMyAdmin provides a convenient interface to interact with the WordPress database directly and is available on our platform.

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No Vendor Lock-in

We have complete confidence that your experience with our platform will be positive.

However, if for any reason you wish to migrate your WordPress site to another location, we will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. Simply download a backup of your site (which contains all files and a SQL dump of your database), and import it wherever you like.

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