Full-featured form handling included

Staatic integrates with existing forms and handles all submissions without the need for an external solution.

Integrated form handling

Every site needs forms; to allow visitors to contact you, to subscribe to a newsletter, for making reservations, to receive sales leads and more. Static sites cannot process form submissions out of the box.

Staatic provides a powerful backend to handle form submissions, ensuring that spam is filtered out and valid submissions always get delivered in the way you prefer.

Automatic integration

Whether you are using Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms or WPForms, Staatic is able to automatically integrate with your forms, allowing form submissions to be captured and handled.

In case you are using another implementation, enabling Staatic only requires a small adjustment to the relevant <form> tag.

Incoming submissions

Incoming form submissions will be visible directly from within WP-Admin. Additionally, you can set up one or more notifications allowing you to receive an e-mail when a new submission comes in, or call a webhook URL with the relevant submission data.

Spam protection

In order to prevent spam, an invisible honeypot field can be added to the form (which is automatic when using the forms integration feature). Additionally Google reCAPTCHA protected can be enabled.

Ultimately, every form submission that passes the initial tests will be verified by Staatic using Akismet.

Full flexibility

You are free to design the form fields in any way you want. Nested fields are supported in order to structure the format of your submissions, as well as file and image upload fields.

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Form Handling Features

Spam protection

Every form submission is verified using our spam detection service.

Thank you messaging

After submitting a form, display a localized message or redirect back to your site.

Submission database

Your form submissions are collected and stored in a searchable database.

File uploads

Allow visitors to submit one or multiple files up to 100MiB per submission.


Submit the provided form data to a HTTP endpoint to enable external integrations.

Email notifications

Email the provided form data to the team every time a form is submitted.

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