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Using Smush to optimize images on your site

Introduction The Smush plugin for WordPress makes it possible to optimize all of your sites images without a visible drop in quality. There’s also an option for lossless compression which compresses images without affecting the image quality. Other features of Smush include removing EXIF-data from images, resizing images and enabling lazy loading. Smush comes as […]

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Using Cloudinary to optimize images on your site

Cloudinary offers various image and video optimization, transformation and delivery solutions that make it possible to optimize the performance of your static site even further. In this article we will be installing and configuring the Cloudinary plugin.

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Using WordPress as a static site generator

WordPress, once started as a simple tool for bloggers, has become one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world. This is mainly due to its flexibility, easy of use and massive community. Staatic provides a plugin for WordPress, enabling webmasters to convert their dynamic WordPress site into an extremely fast and secure static site, without having to give up all of the advantages of using WordPress.

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