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Integration Settings

The Integration Settings enable components of your static site that require a (dynamic) backend in order to function.

Note: This functionality is part of Staatic Premium Edition.

Forms Integration

Whether you have a contact form, booking or event registration form, or a testimonial form, they all need a backend to store and process the information that is provided.

Staatic Premium provides this backend is able to store and forward form submissions automatically.

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Enable forms integration with popular WordPress plugins

Enabling form integration allow form submissions on forms created with one of the supported plugins to be automatically captured by Staatic.


Notifications allow you to choose what happens when a form submission is received by Staatic.

Simply select the form that the notification setting applies to (or “Any form” in case it applies to all forms). Then choose the notification type, either “Email” or “Webhook” and depending on the notification type enter the email address that should receive the form submissions or enter a webhook URL to forward the form submissions to.

Multiple notifications of different types can be configured here.

Search Integration

The built-in WordPress search functionality will not work out of the box on a static site. Staatic Premium provides a backend to store your sites posts and pages as well as a special search widget to allow your visitors to find the content they’re looking for easily.

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Enable search integration with WordPress search functionality

Enabling search integration allows Staatic to index all or a selection of the posts and pages within your WordPress site, and make them available through a special search control which will replace the default search functionality of WordPress.

Indexing is integrated in the publication process so as soon as you publish new or modified posts or pages these changes will be reflected in the search results.

Indexable Post Types

By default all public content for all post types is included in the search index. To limit the post types to include, just select the ones that need to be included here.

Force reindexing during next publication

On the first publication Staatic will index all public content within your WordPress site. On subsequent publications, Staatic will only index new and/or changed content in order to speed up the publication process.

Enabling this option will force the search index to be recreated and all content to be reindexed. As soon as this has happened, the Force reindexing setting will be reset.