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Staatic is built around the concept of Publications. Publishing is the process of creating the static version of your site, based on your dynamic WordPress site.

Starting a publication

In order to start a publication, or in other words publish the content on your dynamic WordPress site to your static site, simply click Publish within the Staatic menu in the WordPress Admin top toolbar. After starting a publication you will be able to follow the publication progress immediately.

Note: depending on the number of posts and pages, as well as your hosting environment, this process may take a few seconds up to multiple minutes.

In case some pages within your dynamic WordPress site have been changed since the last successful publication, instead of a single Publish option there will be two options in the Staatic publication menu:

  • Publish Changes

    Publishes only the new or modified pages. This is very useful when you only need to make a small change that needs to be publishes as quickly as possible.

  • Publish Everything

    Publishes the complete site. If new pages have been added, or if changes have been made that affect multiple pages (e.g. the site’s navigation or footer), this option is most suitable since it will regenerate all of your site’s content.

Note: publishing only the changes since the last publication is a Staatic Premium feature.

To indicate that a publication is currently in progress, you will see a rotating loading icon next to the Staatic menu in the WordPress Admin top toolbar. If you would like to view the progress of the active publication, simply click Publication Status from the same menu.

Cancelling a publication

If there is a publication currently in progress, you are able to cancel it at any time by clicking Cancel Publication within the Staatic menu in the WordPress Admin top toolbar.