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Preparation Introduction Migrate WordPress 1. Preparing the new location 2. Create Duplicator Package 3. Extracting Duplicator Package Restrict access to WordPress Determine deployment strategy Introduction In order to start using Staatic to power up your site, some preparations are necessary. This guide will cover them step by step. Migrate WordPress The goal is to replace […]

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Installation Community edition Premium edition Connect premium edition Staatic is available in two editions; the free community edition and the paid premium edition. The premium edition comes with additional features on top of all features present in the community edition. Only one edition should be installed at the same time. Before you proceed, you should […]

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Requirements Introduction Minimum system requirements WordPress 5.0+ PHP 7.0+ Introduction Staatic is designed in such a way that it will work well in most environments. Whether you are running it on a low-end server, or whether you have a large site with many posts and pages, it should work fine either way. Since the resulting […]

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